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Extension of Service Life and Modernization of Equipment

ZAO Prochnost is a leading organization in the sphere of examination of metallurgical equipment with purpose of extension of its service life and modernization.

The metallurgical enterprises operate powerful hydraulic presses, rolling mills, strechers, tubes test benches and other high loaded machines working under cyclic loading. Usually these are expensive, metal-intensive machines with long projected service life that determine process capacity of an enterprise. Modernization and extension of service life of such equipment allow avoiding its replacement and can raise economic efficiency of an enterprise. However there is a possibility of breakdowns at such facilities due to destruction of base members which may have grave consequences and cause standstills of equipment and sometimes of a whole production cycle and indict heavy material losses.

As our experience shows, in majority of cases the reasons for breakdowns are violations o operating rules, lack of control over condition of base members and ignorance of security of their strength reliability. The most effective way to prevent emergency situations is a complex examination of a power part of a machine and further regular examination of week points of a structure.

ZAO Prochnost has great experience in development of recommendations for increasing durability and extension of service life of machines as well as proposals for modernization of equipment with purpose of improvement of its technical specifications. For this purpose our specialists carry out complex examinations which include:

 - Design-experiment exposure of weak points in the design of a machine from the point of view of strength and reliability;

-  Evaluation of actual condition of base members and conditions of their contact interaction;

-  Measurement of acting loads and stresses in parts of a structure;

-  Research of actual mechanical properties of the parts' material;

- Calculation of remaining life and forecast of reliability and durability;

- Determination of periodicity of examination of week points of a structure.


ZAO Prochnost has all necessary highly-qualified specialists with great work experience in the sphere of strength and reliability of machines. It has a certified laboratory of non-destructive check and all necessary devices and instruments.

ZAO Prochnost has carried out examination, evaluation of technical condition and developmet of recommendations for raising strength reliability of such large facilities as rolling mills 5000 and 2800 of Severstal, rolling mill 2850 of Asha Metallurgical works, vertical forging press with power of 120 MN of OMZ Spetsstal, horizontal tube-forming press with power of 31,5 MN of Centravise Production Ukraine, forging press with power of 15 MN of Presstrade (Germany), various multiplaten presses for wood-based panels production, etc.

ZAO Prochnost has a patent for design of the multiplaten press with short-stroke working cylinders.

Together with Uralmash ZAO Prochnost has developed the design of modernization of the forging complex on the base of press with force of 60 MN for Dneprospetssral (Ukraine)



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Extension of Service Life and Modernization of Equipment