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Expertise of Industrial Safety

ZAO Prochnost, a leading organiztion in the sphere of expertise of industrial safety in metallurgical industry, offers its services in expertise of technical devices, buildings and structures at hazardous industrial facilities

Big industrial complexes face a serious problem of inevitable working out of designed overhaul life of equipment by a certain period. Its further operation may cause a serious emergency or even a a technogenic disaster. However our experience prompts us that in majority of cases physical wear and technogenic disasters are caused by lack of attention to maintaining reliability of machines and equipment in the course of operation.

The matter of carrying out of expertise of industrial safety at hazardous industrial facilities plays a considerable role in solving the problem. Improving the expertise quality is a basis for arrival at scientifically proved forecast of safety of such facilities that allows raising efficiency of measures for prevention of breakdown susceptibility and traumatism.

Expertise of industrial safety is carried out in accordance with the law "On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities" (No 116-ФЗ dated July 21, 1997), the Russian Federation government decree No 241 dated March 28, 2991 "On Measures for Securing Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities in the Russian Federation" and the basis of rules of Russian Federal Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Service  (Rostekhnadzor).

The purpose of expertise is to determine real technical condition and conditions of operation of the object of expertise its conformity to acting norms and regulations of industrial safety with determination of the possibility, parameters and period of further safe operation of the object of the expertise.

The expertise is carried out by an expert organization possessing an appropriate license for execution of the work and employing experts certified in a proper way.

The expertise results in a report approved by Rostekhnadzor. 

ZAO Prochnost possesses all necessary licenses for carrying out of expertise of metallurgical equipment. It has a certified laboratory of non-destructive check and employs qualified experts certified for work in all spheres of metallurgical industry. 

We carry out expertise of the following
- design documentation for, expansion, reconstruction, technical reequipment, mothballing and liquidation of hazardous industrial facilities;
- technical devices of metallurgical industry: equipment of by-products and coke process, blast furnace, steelmaking, melting and casting, rolling mills, buildings and installations at enterprises of metallurgical industry.

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Expertise of Industrial Safety