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By-products and coke process

Expertise of industrial safety

OAO Severstal
Coking plants ## 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 with gas collectors
Coke dry quenching units ## 2, 3
Expertise of design documentation of rearrangement of 3 blocks of coke-pitch plant

OAO NMLK, Lipetsk
Coking plants ## 1, 8

Application permits

Expertise of unit of heating of coke-pitch furnaces with coke gas manufactured by ZAO Trest Koksokhimmontazh
Expertise of equipment for collection and exhaust of coking products of coke-pitch furnaces manufactured by ZAO Trest Koksokhimmontazh
Expertise of by-product-coking equipment (gas-exaust and gas feed devices, handling device) manufactured by Alma-Ata heavy engineering plant
Expertise of of equipment of  ПВ-100 threaded dust discharger manufactured by OAO Dneprotyazhmash
Expertise of equipment of condensate catcher manufactured by OOO Cherepovetsmetallurgprokatmontazh
Expertise of equipment of tube-type furnace manufactured by OOO Cherepovetsmetallurgprokatmontazh

Designing, manufacturing and delivery of equipment

Development of the equipment design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of the charging device, the discharging device, the blast device for coke battery #3.

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By-products and coke process