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Forge-and-Press Equipment

Modernization of Forge-and-Press Equipment

OAO Arkhangelskiy CBK (Arkhangelsk pulp-and-paper plant)

Prevention of sudden destruction and parametric failures of base members of a fiberboard press
Development of technical solutions for registering and limiting of misalignment of movement of cranes with load capacity of 30 + 30 MT at cardboard production

 OOO Sharyaplit

Overhaul repair of press PHp 5325. Diagnostics and prevention of destruction of base members of the press

OOO OMZ-Spetsstal

Execution of strength calculation and designing of main operating cylinders of press with power of 12,000 tons
Manufacturing of valve boxes of Wortington seven-plunger pumps  being a part of  12,000 t automatic forging complex

OAO Borovichskiy Combinat Ogneuporov (Borovichi Refractory Products Combine)

Inspection of a technical condition of the frame of the120 MN isostatic shaping press manufactured by ASEA

OAO TSM-Tyazhmash, Cherpovets

Heating furnaces of forging and pressing department (16 furnaces)

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Forge-and-Press Equipment